Welcome to Coastal Wood Floors

Coastal Wood Floors, LLC is a full service flooring contractor providing quality work to residential, industrial, and commercial clients throughout Hawaii. From remodeling to new construction, a historical property to a high-end office, our expertise is known widely in the industry and our technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

Flooring Layouts and Patterns

Building a floor requires certain knowledge to create a friendly and eye catching layout that compliments the building design. Aside from a straight layout, clients often request the flooring layout to a 45 degree angle, chevron, or herringbone pattern. Coastal Wood Floors also takes pride in building very intricate inlay borders and medallions.

Custom Wooden Staircases

Creating staircases and handrails is another way that Coastal Wood Floors can make a beautiful floor much more appealing. By adding a radius to handrails and landings we can esthetically bring a whole new look to staircases. This requires a certain level of patience and expertise as many projects are custom builds.


Precise workmanship is important in many applications. Besides flooring and staircases Coastal Wood Floors also builds Gymnasium and Sports Court flooring.